So why do we need donations?

1. We are a charity, nobody gets paid, but we do incur some small costs, which have to be paid and that’s why we are asking for your help, not a lot, just enough to keep us up and running. We only have limited expenses, paper, printing, hall costs each month, third party insurance once a year and as our web site and its maintenance remains free, then to keep running we need around £400, or $800, or 600euros a year.

2. Another reason is it would be nice, say once or twice a year, to make a small contribution to our Charity web designers. John does a great job and he loves it (I think), but we feel his efforts should occasionally be rewarded and we would love to develop the web site, we have lots of fresh ideas, but they cost money to develop, so help us, please.

3. Our recipes are currently being provided by our many Gluten-Free Suppliers, free of charge, however it would be nice, if you find these recipes of use and they certainly are being read around the world, to offer a small contribution towards the costs of creating them and storing them in a readable format, all for your benefit. We could then add a lot more, perhaps a complete book full of Gluten Free Recipes, that would be something.

4. We would like to place small advertisements in our local papers, rather than just relying on their good will, to attract new members, to encourage local shops and restaurants to stock and offer more Gluten Free products and a Gluten Free section on their menus, WOW! wouldn’t that be something!

So help us by making a small donation to us and we inturn can help more people suffering with an intolerance to gluten, either here in the UK or in all countries around the World.

Thank you very much for taking the interest to read this appeal.
Don Tombs, Organiser & Founder, Crawley Gluten Free Group

To donate please send a cheque or a postal order to:

"The Crawley Gluten Free Group"
C/O St.Pauls Methodist Church,
Woodfield Road,
RH10 8ER
United Kingdom

If you prefer to pay online you can do so though PayPal using the link below.