Gluten-Free Fish & Chips - starts 4th July 2009

Master Fryer Fish and Chip shop

This is the confirmed agreement with The Master Fryer Fish Shop with Alex, at No. 1 Pound Hill Parade, Worth Road, Crawley, which has just won a major award from the Seafish Organisation, for best quality. It also has a 5 Star ranking of Excellent, from the Crawley Head of the Environment.

Trial Run Plans more may be added if it is successful, there is no mark-up on the prices, these are the standard prices.

The Gluten Free planned dates are as follows:-
On the first Saturday of each month
1) Start date 4th July 2009
2) Then 1st August
3) 5th September
4) 3rd October
5) 7th November
6) 5th December
7) 2nd January 2010
8) 6th February 2010  and onwards
The Gluten Free Fry up will commence at 11.30am and continue till around 3.00pm.  The fish and chips, chicken and sausages are all free of Gluten and are being cooked in their own separate cooking oil. The rolls are also all Gluten-Free.

NB: Senior Citizens get free chips!
The Menu is:-
Cod            £3.65        Large Cod  £4.50          Cod Roe   £1.40
Rock           £3.75       Haddock     £4.40
Pollack (a type of white fish like cod)  £3.00
GF Sausages  price to be agreed
½ Chicken
¼ Chicken
Chicken Nuggetts   4 for £2.50   Premium Chicken Burger £3.75
Chips  £1.45  Large  Chips £2.25   Chip Butty in a GF Roll£1.55
Plus various canned drinks and take-away.
Items will be added or removed as time progresses.
Issued By The Crawley Gluten Free Group, for more information call 0795 011 8599