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Copy of a letter from the Mayor of Crawley supporting us on our 3rd Anniversary. Read it here.

Comments from a Gluten Free Supplier who participated at our Gluten-Free Food Fayre on the 16th January 2010.

Thanks very much for sending the photo through-and for inviting us along on Saturday. Both my mom and I had a lovely time and really enjoyed meeting all of you!. Everyone seemed really supportive and really interested in what we were selling, which makes all the difference!

To say it was the very first food fayre your group had hosted, I think it was a tremendous success-so well done to you!.

Thanks again and look forward to hearing from you again soon.

Copy of email received from Seattle, WA, USA 23/September/2009
Just to tell you, your site is marvellous!
We have a granddaughter with Celiac disease and know it came from one of us, but no one else tests positive for it, just the genes.
We plan to be over in June 2010 and will use much of your information.
Many thanks for all of your efforts. Jan Erickson, Woodinville,WA, USA

Fish & Chips gluten free!.
Wow - I did not realise the whole fish shop was gluten free for the afternoon!. I did not make it until 2.00pm in the afternoon, so I missed all the press and obviously the queues.  However both my Mum and I had the fish and chips (even though she is not a ceoliac) and we were extremely impressed. The fish was beautiful and the chips really lovely.

I had forgotten how much I loved fish and chips, as I have not had them for over 15 years!. What a wonderful treat.

Here’s to next months treat!.  A huge thank you to the pair of you, what a wonderful breakthrough in the gluten free fight!!   

Yum yum …………. BA Member of The CGFG

To The Crawley GF Group
Hi – My sister Maggie, who lives in Shoreham, forwarded your site to me.
What a great website and I really do congratulate all concerned. Apart from the site generally and its layout, I particularly like the specific sections for recipes, restaurants and whats new. So the website is included in my list of favourites for quick and regular access and of course when in the area I can vivist local GF restaurants.

From Stuart Sherring, Poole, Dorset

Fiona: I'm a coeliac living in Kingston upon Thames & I heartily applaud what you are doing. I was diagnosed about 15 years ago but I've actually stopped going to my local support group as they focus heavily on children and I really didn't feel I was getting a lot out of them but I think your website is an excellent idea.

Henry Smith

Dear Don

It was an honour to be invited to address yesterday's Crawley Gluten Free Group's second anniversary meeting. My congratulations again on your founding and organising such an important community resource.

I would be delighted to attend, if my schedule permits, the gluten-free launch day at the Master Fryer fish & chip shop in Pound Hill Parade - an event I look forward too!

Finally, I have let the local press know that I spoke to your meeting in an attempt to highlight the Crawley Gluten Free Group. So if a reporter were to contact you that is why.

It was good to see Dodie looking so well.

Best wishes

Stacie CDA, IDAHO, US.Thanks for publishing a site for going gluten free. It is hard to deal with in this world of gluten. Being newly diagnosed I am still learning how to cook and any recipe ideas are greatly appreciated as well as learning about the disease.
Thanks again

Hello, my name is Jessica B. I just visited your web site for the first time. I saw a response from your group on a gluten free cooking blog. I live in the USA (Oregon). I'm 33 years old and newly diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I suspect that I have always had it and wish that I could have figured it out sooner as now it has caused some problems that I don't know if I can reverse. So I am still trying to learn how to eat gluten free, and wish that there was a group like yours that I could meet with here. I think that I am not eating gluten, but still have so many questions. Perhaps I will have to start one of my own. It is nice to see all that your group is doing. Although I am faw away if there is ever anything that I can do to help you than I'd be happy to.

Alan & Jenny: Hi folks, We do appreciate your mails and look forward to them. You sound saddened that you do not get any replies. I get arround 100 emails a day on my account and try to plough through them and the ones that need answers usually get them. Your emails are informative and useful.

For your information, Jenny, my wife, is the Ceoliac in our household although I am on a gluten free diet as well. It saves time in the kitchen I'm told. I am the one who does the shopping at tescos and tries to make out the small print on the packets to find the words "ALERGY". Then baffled by the remarks. We find it difficult to get to your meetings as they are on Saturdays when we are either visiting or doing essential jobs arround the house. We have a son in uni at Caterbury and and a daughter in Leicester and they both crave attention.

Congratulations to you both for the effort that you put into this worthwhile cause. Please keep the mails coming. Please do not think that you are forgotten and ignored. You are keeping a community together in a special way. I look forward to you next mail. If you do not get a reply its because my fingers are already wearing out the keys of this old computer keeping everyone else happy. Keep up the good work.

Sheila: Thank you for your email. I admit that I have been very lax about your wonderful group. I only found out about you by seeing an article in the RH10 magazine. I have suffered from my allergy for many years without any serious help so I have become very self reliant. In September I moved house and then was so busy with a pre christmas rush at work that I have had very little time for normal life. My condition has flared up badly in the last 3 weeks and I fully intended to come to your March meeting. Can you please let me know what time you meet and is it at the hall in Northgate again? Please do not feel under valued as it is great to find someone who cares......at last. Best regards.

Emily: Thank you for your e-mail. I would like to remain on the e-mail list and have found the couple of meetings I attended so far very useful and informative. I did as you asked and made one of those cake mixes, from the silver packets. I made a carrot cake and my friends and family said it was delicious and want me to make some more! We wouldn't have known it was gluten free. It was a great success. Thank you for your hard work.

Zoe: Thanks for a very pleasant meeting on Saturday. I think you got the message across about restaurants and Hospitals. It is really bad.

Bridgette: I have just come across your website, and have been a Coeliac for over 10 years. I can not believe there is a club in Crawley!

I hope to come along to one of the Saturday meetings in the near future, but just wanted to congratulate you on a great website.

Tania G-E: I meant to call when I saw your advert in Tescos, but have been unwell recently. I truly thought I was the only Coeliac in Crawley and would love to join your group.

I have managed to get a local chemist who orders gluten free fresh bread available on prescription, if anyone would like more details please ask. I also have pernicious anemia, which is associated with the Coeliac disease and hay fever and rheumatoid arthritis both autoimmune conditions.

I was diagnosed Coeliac in November 2005, but when I spoke to the Coeliac Society (free to join for all Coeliacs, Editors Note NB possibly not for much longer), I was told gluten was also in malt, which makes all beers off the menu. They also said that although Oats themselves don’t contain gluten, they are often grown near wheat fields and recommend abstaining for a while, as some Coeliacs can eat them, whilst others cannot.

I am not surprised to hear there are no restaurants that offer a gluten free menu, but have heard there is a fish and chip shop in the Midlands who offer a gluten free night, using gluten free batter, once a month. Perhaps this is something to look at and that it is advisable to cultivate a Chinese restaurant, rather than a takeaway….how I miss Chinese. Perhaps we could put happy meeting on the list of outings!. Also Bella Italia is not gluten free, re pasta, they do have a book that lists all the gluten free products-which I must admit is not that many.

Signed Tania G-E

Zoe N: Thanks for the Saturday meeting I think your right there must be more people in Crawley with Coliac Disease that could come. Maybe in time it will grow, by the web and emails. This seems to be the future now.

Helen from Johnston's was very helpful. It is true about supermarkets, A) It is expensive, especially for parents with young children when they cannot have a normal sandwich. B) the stores only do a small amount of food but I have heard that this is very good now, as it used to be terrible.

Yes I would like to attend your Christmas function. If Len cannot come I could maybe come on my own or bring someone. It is something to look forward to. Do you eat some Gluten free food.? I sometimes give my family the Italian Pasta. But I haven't ever got it on prescription.

I will try to find the picture of this Restaurant in Malta called the Cottage that cooks Gluten free pasta and Gluten free Pizza. I have never seen this before anywhere. I hope other restaurants help people. I was just so shocked. It was written so large.

Had better go see you all next meeting Zoe.

Nancy V: Thank you for organising an excellent presentation from Juvela. It was very informative and provided fresh ideas to the strict diet.
Please forward my thanks to both of the ladies.

Regards Nancy

Sheila: Many thanks for this information. I was at your last September meeting with my daughter, Catherine Beale, and we are planning to attend in October for the cookery demonstration. Thanks for all your hard work and keeping everyone informed.

Best wishes, Sheila.

Jim B: Sunday, I stopped by Heavens Farm organic shop on my way back from Sheffield Park Gardens. The woman there had coeliac, and showed me a large selection of gluten free items, some of which I haven't seen elsewhere, such as chili crackers, maple corn flakes, various sauces, and some cookies I hadn't seen elsewhere. They also carried some fresh gluten-free sausages that they source locally, and frozen meals by Intolerable Foods. A nice store, worth a stop by if you're in the area. When I lived in Calgary, the specialist shops that made a point of stocking a good selection of GF food were a very helpful resource, especially for variety and quality (and in Calgary, they were actually cheaper than the supermarkets

Cheers, Jim